THE CALL: Interview Questions to Ask a Potential Literary Agent

In my last post, I mentioned that I would post a list of questions to ask a potential literary agent, when you’ve been asked to hop on The Call. But then I realized that there were already a ton of great articles floating around on this very topic! (I mean, of course there are–that’s how I figured out what to… Read more →

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Crafting THE LIST–The Who, How, and Why of Querying Certain Literary Agents

You’re in the midst of a new manuscript, and you’ve already fallen in love with your characters and world. THIS could be it–that one novel that snags the attention of a literary agent who will open the gate to the big time editors! So… Who will you query? Sending your story to everyone in the industry wastes everyone’s time. Don’t… Read more →

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Is Your Query Letter “Working”? A Cautionary Tale of What Happens When You Don’t Wait and Revise

So honest truth time: I did NOT take the advice I’m about to give you right now. And I definitely suffered (oh, yes, I’m using dramatic words because anyone who’s ever been in the query trenches knows there’s a bit of suffering involved). So, ready? It’s probably some of the most basic advice, but I tell you it’s worth heeding:… Read more →


The Long Haul–When You Begin to Doubt You’ll Ever Land a Literary Agent

I’ve been quiet for a while in regards to advice for querying authors. I initially began this blog because I wanted to log away the solid tips I’d received or read while hunting for a literary agent. But I hit a big, ugly wall along the way. A wall of negativity that made me wonder if I had any right… Read more →

Um, How Should I Say This…? How to Send Revisions to Literary Agents Who Still Have Your Submission

Recently, a fellow author asked a great question about submitting revisions to agents who didn’t ask for them. Here’s the situation in a nutshell… Let’s pretend you’re in the trenches of querying and submitting. To your absolute delight, three agents have requested your work! You send it off and spend the rest of the day in a great mood. But… Read more →